The Crew was invited to make a special guest appearance at a barbecue held in honour of Bill Goddard's 64th birthday. The gift: a remarkably lifelike1 bust made from homemade playdough. The bust was lovingly fashioned and sculpted, and subsequently impaled on threaded rod attached to a trophy base. The application of a coat of spray lacquer ensures that this monument to the great man will persist through the ages (or until next week, whichever comes first.) The engraved plaque commemorating his 1000000th (in binary) birthday marks this important day in history.

In a continuing exhibition of outrageous artistic talent, The Crew composed an ode. This was read aloud when The Crew, stylishly decked out in matching berets, burst in at the end of the ``real'' gift-giving ceremony. The bust was presented afterwards. Bill was a wonderful sport, and we hope that our efforts made his birthday just that little bit more memorable.

Ode To Bill
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Playdough Recipe

1 For even more realism, we could have plumbed the bust for continuous coffee flowthrough.