Chemistry 117: Electrochemistry

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Homework Sets


Homework Collaboration Policy: You may not consult any previous solutions or any answers to problem sets from earlier years or any published solutions you find for any of the assigned problems.  Collaboration is allowed, but you must write up the solutions by yourself and you must understand the answers that you give.  You may consult the course lectures, notes, and text for the homework sets.

Homework Late Policy: Problem sets are due to the box outside of 210A Noyes no later than 2:30 p.m. on the due date (unless otherwise specified by the TA).  For each partial day that the homework is late, 25% will be subtracted from the final grade.  In order to pass the course, all of the homework assignments must be turned in (even if they are so late that no credit is given).


1: Due Jan 18.

2: Due Thurs, Feb 2 by 4:30 pm.

3: Due Feb 15.

4: Due Mar 9 by 2:30 pm.