In a world where crime is pedestrian...

Dr. Stevens (Rossi), a rogue scientist at an ultrasecretive weapons lab, has just created an undetectable yet extremely powerful explosive, code name: X275. The new explosive has attracted the attention of a prospective buyer, a notorious Eastern European arms dealer known only as 'The Colonel' (Gstrein). But Stevens' activities have placed him under a cloud of suspicion, preventing him from delivering the explosive recipe.

There is only one chance to block release of the secret formula and this dangerous mission falls on two top government agents: Lt. John Murrex (Michalak) and Special Agent Jack Smith (Briglin).

The hard-hitting tactics of Murrex and Smith have long clashed with other government agencies, but with serious determination and furious attitude, the department chief (Mayo) has kept her two best agents out of the red tape and working the toughest of cases. But this time, the Department of Motor Vehicles writes the last ticket, a crippling new obstacle that sends Murrex and Smith on a collision-course with chaos.