Once again, Nate left town but this time, he left his car parked in his parking space on campus. Nate owns a nice, sporty, older silver RX7. How we got into the car seems to be of much debate and in an attempt to protect ourselves and/or our sources, we shall pick up the story from after we were able to get inside the car.

We spent a great deal of time trying to decide what Nate's new look should be...Nate is a well known scientist and as such, deserved a car that would draw attention to him. Something flashy. We decided to give his car a total makeover - pimpmobile style. Gold hubcaps were too expensive, so cheap silver ones would do just fine once spray painted gold. Dice valve cap covers represented the gamble he took on us (we're pretty dicey:) Gold windshield wipers and the leopard print seat and steering wheel covers were a must for any good pimpmobile! The black fuzzy dice nicely coordinated with the dice valve covers and the gold chain license plate coordinated with the wipers and hubcaps. The smell of money dangling in his car, illuminated by the blue interior light were the final interior touches. His car now looked pretty flashy, but wasn't unique enough for Nate. We wanted his car to make a statement. A bulldawg decal underneath his new nickname NATEDAWG was a nice touch, as was the gold low rider decal. However, we were truly satisfied with our work once we added the Calvin peeing on Cold Fusion. As we stood back and looked at our work, we knew we had accomplished something wonderful.

We were so excited, we had to tell everyone, so we sent an email to the Caltech Community encouraging them to view in person Nate's New Look. We also very much wanted to preserve for all time Nate's Joy at finding his renovated car, so we staked out in the garage and got the whole thing on videotape. We even followed him for a block or two so we could get NateDawg on the road.

Saddly, Nate took everything off his car and attempted to play a retaliation prank on us by prentending it wasn't his car:( This zealous attempt on his part was foiled as we had the whole thing on tape. We also managed to record us busting Nate as he tried to convince us and the semiconductor class that it wasn't his car.