Code of Ethics

  1. All pranks will be completely reversible. Anything destructive is neither creative nor amusing.

  2. All pranks will be tailored specifically for the target. A prank is worthwhile only if the victim is also amused.

  3. A prank will be halted immediately if the target asks. This is intended as a kind of safety valve, and should not be abused.

  4. Don't be a poor sport. It's all in good fun. A target should feel honored by the attention.

  5. Don't involve innocent bystanders. People are busy enough as it is without being used without their knowledge. However, an elaborate hoax in which many people are involved by choice is fair play.

  6. Enjoy the prank. While a knee-jerk retaliation can be amusing, it detracts from the original prank. Save that energy for later and let the current prankster have his or her moment of glory.

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