2003 Men of Science Calendar - Caltech Edition

As students at the California Institute of Technology, we interact with our faculty members everyday. We see them on campus and in the lab. They are our advisors and committee members; our most prized mentors in life. We can no doubt describe their delicately carved research niche or recognize the genius in the precision with which they dissect a problem. However, the true essence of the Caltech Professor remains an enigma to us, buried under the façade of the scientific method. Is it possible to endure so long a time being professionally intimate with someone, and yet, never truly know them? The answer, undoubtedly, is yes…

We therefore dedicated ourselves to getting to know the real “Men of Science” here at Caltech. Our hypothesis: we believe there is a great deal more to the average faculty member than meets the eye. The proof: our skilled team of photographers has captured these oft-misunderstood scientific giants in their natural habitats – unmasked, unedited, and untamed. We have compiled our findings into one calendar collection featuring these Hallmark® moments. From our undertaking, we have achieved a new understanding, if not appreciation, for those Professors we aspire to become. Hopefully, students everywhere will be inspired by our findings and undertake the task of getting to know their University Faculty better. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our faculty for allowing us to capture these precious moments and share them with each and everyone of you.